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Take your first hours lesson for £10″ (Beginners only)

Standard Bookings for Liverpool (See below)

For Wirral prices contact Katie direct on 07825877285

Lesson Type Hours Price
Single lesson 1 hour £27
Extended lesson 1.5 hour £40
Double lesson 2 hours £52

Block Bookings

Lesson Type Hours Price
10 lessons 10 hours £260
2 Hours Motorway lesson Post test 2 hours £60

Fast Pass Courses (test fee not included)

Lesson Type Hours Price
One day course 6 hours £137
Two day course 12 hours £264
Gold Course 36 hours £792
Platinum Course 40 hours £800

(We reserve the right to change prices without notice.)

Please call us for prices for driver instructor training charges. We provide help with ADI tests parts 2 and 3.

Why choose us?

Please take a moment or two to read the information below before deciding who to take your driving lessons with. When choosing a driving instructor, we understand there are many instructor’s to choose from and deciding who to trust can be a minefield. Because of this, people often choose the CHEAPEST INSTRUCTORS but at the same time expect the best results from their lessons.

In reality this is rarely the case.

There are many reasons why driving lessons can be cheaper.

At One2One Paul is fully qualified and hugely experienced having taught hundreds of people to drive over the years.

  • You can also rely on us to commit to the following core standards of business
  • No car sharing with any other pupils EVER!
  • Full hour long lessons
  • Lessons structured to your specific needs and experience
  • Regular mock testing on the approach to your driving test
  • No sitting at the side of the roads reading books and WASTING YOUR LESSON TIME
  • Fully qualified and experienced Instructors
  • Reliable and modern air conditioned and dual controlled cars
  • A relaxed and stress free environment to learn to drive

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